Tokyo Shopping

Shopping in Tokyo is a great experience. If you’ve got cash to spend then Tokyo is an excellent place to shop till you drop. The sophisticated and sprawling malls, the chic and trendy department stores and the exclusive boutiques, all provide top quality branded products. For high-end fashion items and jewelry Ginza is the place to go. But there are also many areas and shopping streets where you can get goods at reasonable prices. For trendy labels and youth fashion, head to Harajaku and Shibuya. For electronics get off at Akihabara station and look for the glaringly obvious Electric Town exit.

Shopping Streets

Shopping Streets, Tokyo Shopping, Japan What makes shopping in Tokyo so fun are the different personalities that emerge from each of the city's main shopping districts. Here's a rundown of Tokyo's top shopping streets along with some highlights of each neighborhood to give you an idea of what you'll find there. Whether you're window shopping or out to drop some serious cash, you're in for a complete range of choices with these picks. Happy hunting!

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Department Stores

Department Stores, Tokyo Shopping, Japan Tokyo department stores offer a wide array of merchandise for shoppers, from cosmetics and house wares to designer fashions and accessories. Whether you're interested in the brand name boutiques of Odakyu, the style and service of Matsuya, the amazing product lineup of Tokyu Hands or the exotic offerings of Takashimaya Times Square, there's a Tokyo department store for every style and budget.

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Electronics, Tokyo Shopping, Japan Tokyo is undeniably the electronics capital of the world and Akihabara is the place with the highest concentration of electronic stores in the city. The latest DVD players, computers, laptops, digital cameras, handycams, i-pods, air conditioners, music systems, television sets, and lots more are to be found in this area. Areas such as Ginza and Shinjuku are also great places for shopping electronics in Tokyo.

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Fashion and Jewelry

Fashion and Jewelry, Tokyo Shopping, Japan Shopping is one of the main attractions of Tokyo. Shoppers interested in cutting edge fashion and designer jewelry will enjoy shopping in Tokyo. The shopping districts of Ginza, Shibuya and Omotesando are home to many high-end stores catering to the Gold Card-carrying crowd. Here you'll find the trendiest merchandise from international brands such as Louis Vuitton, Prada and Mikimoto.

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Crafts and Souvenirs

Crafts and Souvenirs, Tokyo Shopping, Japan Tokyo offers a wide variety of high-quality, unique handicrafts, souvenirs and gifts for every occasion. Much of the merchandise sold here you won't find anywhere else in the world. Whether you are shopping in Tokyo for souvenirs, handmade arts and crafts, unique clothing or memorable keepsakes, you’ll find plenty of options to delight you.

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Toys, Games and Manga

Toys, Games and Manga, Tokyo Shopping, Japan Toys in Japan are certainly not just for children. Japanese are crazy about toys, games and manga. If you share this interest you'll have plenty of shopping opportunities in the many Tokyo shops that offer just this. For toys and games try the six-story Kiddy Land in Omotesando or Hakuhinkan Toy Park in Ginza. For manga you'll find plenty of stores in Akihabara.

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